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I thought an update wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. It's not much really just some things to give form to.

First off I am still operating off of a tablet and its serviceable for the most part though I feel like it does cripple  wht I can do somewhat which is in part why my Tumblr and Twitter activity is so erratic at times among other things but I can deal. I wish I could work on my writing but I kinda need a keyboard for that and mini ones don't exist for tablets that I know of (if they do please tell me where I can find them it would help a lot) so I go on like this for now. On to other things.

I have been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 14 since the hiatus began and I got its newest expansion Stormblood recently. I've already finished the current main storyline and capped my Summoner class. Red Mage isn't quite what I expected but that be because I'm so used to Summoner.

We've had Kingdom Hearts 3 news recently and next month we're getting "final news" whatever that's supposed to mean but still it is something to look forward to.

Ni No Kuni II looks good too and I found out .Hack//GU is getting a PS4 remake that looks good though I wish the quartet would get it too.

The RWBY Vol. 4 soundtrack was released and the songs are good though I feel like they were really tailored for the season this year.

I gave up on Still Star Crossed as I decided I just didn't care for it. I've been watching season 2  of World of Winx recently and while its good I feel like we were dropped into an alternate reality with no knowledge of what led up to the start of things.

The King's Avatar (a Chinese anime based off a novel series of sorts following the MMO-ish archetype but better then what I've seen lately) finished its run recently and its pretty good. I'd say I am a litter over halfways throguh reading the translated chzpters up and find myself pretty enthralled.

I am on the fence again with comics regarding whether I want to go digital or not. I also found out the main team I follow for the Marvel verse the Runaways is getting a new series so thats something. On the subject of comics the Miraculous Ladybug series starts next month so thats a thing.

While on the subject of ZAG's stuff I wish we had more information on there upcoming projects.

I register for school next month. Over the next few weeks I'll handle DA with the messages, comments, and so forth so thats a heads up. I'll be in touch.
Hey everyone thought a journal post would be a good thing today given the miraculous (pardon the pun) thing that happened last night.

I was tinkering with my PC trying to coax some sign of life out of ut when I managed tk get it to work for a while and as a result I was able to save my files! Which quite frankly is a godsend for me and was the biggest blow about the PC thing but thats been dealt with so I'm happy now.

On another note I marathoned Milo Murphy's Law and it is a good cartoon. I beat .hack GU vol 1 revently. I am eyeing the TV show Still Star Crossed. And finnally Steven Universe was something recently.

On that note I will keep in touch as stuff happens. Till next time!
OK I said I would post another journal if need be so here it is. To start with I am typing this out from mobile on the DA app for you see a few days ago my PC rebooted on me without my say-so and refuses to boot up again. All th e checking done says my harddrive is either dead or corrupted. And to make matters worse I didn't have any of my files on it really backed up. Granted there's a chance I may be able to retrieve them but it is a big maybe. So I run the possibility of starting from scratch which is a hard, really, really hard pill for me to swallow. As for fixes theres no real one for a while. The time has come to buy a new PC at last and I can't do that untill school starts up and regristration isn't untill towards the end of next month and beyond. So my posting is more or less on hiatus for a while. I can use the Tumblr app for that site and over the next few days I'll fix up something for the groups I manage. Needless to say this situation cripples me pretty harshly but I have my tablet to help manage but thing are going to be difficult. I will keep you informed. Till next time.
OK so now that I have a stable grip on things (somewhat) I felt better doing a journal post now. My vacation was... OK for lack of a better word. It wasn't spectacular but it had its moments both good and bad so that was that. We went to Honolulu for the record and really only so much happened. I did get some drawings done a few of which I already uploaded to this site (the others I didn't really think fit so... ~shrugs~). Another thing the vacation did was reveal another point to me one I hadn't really considered before but have to now but it's nothing particular to really go into depth on.

So with me really back now and in action it's time to focus on my next few stuff. Before leaving you all knew what my general plan was and that has not changed really. But those pieces will all no doubt show up randomly as they will. And once all my current focuses are done I will post a journal on what's next (that is assuming something else doesn't make me post something). So with that said I hope you look forward to my stuff. Till next time!
This journal is just a placeholder to let you all know that I am back and that once I finish getting a grip on everything I will do a proper journal. Till next time!
OK so May has started and so far... I've had a rough start. To put it simply an email sort of escaped my notice till Sunday afternoon with information about school and Fall 2017. Matters which start the following Monday so yesterday I had to scramble and the end result being that I have time to manage things but I have to keep on top of things. All in all though the experience was very trying.

On to other things the day after tomorrow I go on vacation and if preparation for that the groups I manage here on DA have had arrangements made and my Tumblr blog has a queue set up to help regulate things (for how I do things at least) so I'm set up on that end.

I got a new sketchbook/journal today so if I manage to do get some sketching done I may post them when i get back.

We've got a trailer for Descendants 2 which looks pretty decent.

I've seen the latest chapter for CardCaptor Sakura Clear Card and the new mystery has me very intrigued and I am plotting somewhat.

That's all I have for now so I'll keep you posted.
I thought a journal post today might be a good thing. So before I talk about my projects I just to vent about some other things.

A watcher here on DA showed me a video recently and it got me wondering if the age of physical print books is coming to an end? I mean I use digital books most of the time as an app with a subscription attached or as a particular piece I bought because its an exclusive and granted it's nice not having to worry about space and such but still if that's true it is a bit sad. Plus there's the main reason I like having a physical book due to the simply fact and to quote one of Diane Duane's books "I like books, they don't crash." So that is a thing.

Another thing is that apparently Marvel Comics has gone bananas and this may be an act that could possibly destroy them I only have like a handful of heroes from there I like and partially follow so I'm just there on this but still it's sad.

Also last night I finally finished filling out my sketchbook/journal so that's something and it's the first I've done ever since the tragic loss of my other ones but still that is comforting.

OK so on the the projects this month has been not exactly what I hoped for but I did get stuff done. I got that FJ piece done and then I got stuff done with my ML OC's. So I get pictures done but nothing literary which is what I intend to do next. So those one shots I've been working on. I have been inching my way along with them. They're going to probably continue that way until I get them done so they are coming one way or another but they won't be the only ones. I am neglecting PMD Rescuing Reality and Possible Powers badly (or at least I think so). So those fives pieces will be along in a random order no doubt and of course the random drawing (probably a Fragment Journeys piece but you never know) may work itself in there. So that'll be the plan for next month but it may take a bit as towards the start of the month I will be unreachable due to going out of town on vacation with my family for the first time in years (don't worry the DA groups I manage here will have arrangements made for them while I am gone). And that is my plan currently. I will keep you informed as always.
:iconanimatedrose: strikes again! Wasn't really sure I'd do this but it's something at least.

Here are DA RULES!
1) Write the rules or copy and paste them.
2) Write 13 things about yourself.
3) Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions.
4) Tag 13 deviants.
5) Make sure they know that they are tagged.
6) Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".
7) It's forbidden to not tag anyone.
8) Tag backs are allowed.

Something about me:

1) I have too many project ideas
2) My favorite color is red
3) I'm finicky about how my stuff is arranged
4) I use Tumblr a lot
5) I worry about school
6) I want more books that probably possible
7) I miss my cat Bradley
8) I want to start my ML OC stuff soon
9) I'm worried about my other WIP's
10) I worry about my drawing skills
11) FR is proving to be tempting as a project
12) Am debating Digimon Cyber Sleuth courtesy of friend
13) I have recently discovered Owl City's songs

The questions she gave me:

1) What made you join DA? The person who tagged me inspired me to do believe it or not.
2) What was your first art piece and when was it done? It was a PMD fic, one of my first and considering the Pokemon I'm gonna say it was just after Pokemon Black came out.
3) Favorite character from any game, movie, or series? Lately? Chirithy from the Kingdom Hearts series.
4) Favorite food? Chilli Fries from Tom's.
5) World peace or world domination? World Peace.
6) How many licks do YOU think it takes to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop? Don't know.
7) Do you like chocolate? I do like Rocky Road Ice Cream.
8) Best childhood experience? Can't recall.
9) Worst fear? I have slight germaphobia.
10) Favorite song/music genre? I listen to whatever I find pleasing.
11) Favorite animal? Cats.
12) Favorite color? Red.
13) How tired are you right now? I'm tired somewhat.

I'm not gonna tag people currently sorry so I'll pass on making questions as well.

Hello everyone! Sorry I know on my DA page and Twitter but I was waiting on the Zine thing to be resolved as I didn’t want to post one thing only to face a contradiction a little bit later. So now I have my response and so I can post it. Fair warning this post will be rambling all over the place maybe even touching stuff I’ve already covered anew so sorry about that and feel free to read on.

First off the Zine thing. I did not get in sadly which is both good and bad as I was something I was interested in but it frees up my focus but oh well onwards and upwards.

Before going to my project stuff I wanna ramble about and fair warning I may be all over the place.

I reduced the webcomics I follow recently as I felt I had too much.

I’ve been reading some Danny Phantom fanfiction lately, a good portion of it crossovers but meh it makes me feel like I’ve suddenly discovered the fandom.

I’m on a slight Digimon kick too courtesy of fanfiction and video game hype. I’m sort of watching Fusion currently.

Zak Storm hit the UK recently and I haven’t been able to watch yet which suck but it is what it is for now I guess.

I’ve been watching/listening to the Adventure Zone podcasts lately.

Descendants 2 looks like it’ll be interesting.

Breath of the Wild. Sadly, I’ve resigned myself to the fact it’ll be towards the end of the year before I can play which sucks but oh well.

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross is interesting I guess.

I seem to be using Discord a lot lately.

Books. I stand by what I meant when I said I like Riordan’s stuff. I’m thinking of reading Erin Hunter’s stuff again too and maybe looking at other series too.

Alright on to my projects. I got the Fragment Journeys piece done even if it wasn’t the one I originally wanted but still it’s something. I wish I could say I’d made as much progress with the one shots but… I fell flat. I can’t seem to really get them going.

In addition, recently I’ve been musing about A Miraculous Vision and Gold Stripes, the pieces I was gonna do after them. I’ve been debating about even doing them at all as they are one shots and while Gold Stripes may have had a follow up planned for it but A Miraculous Vision didn’t really have one till people said they wanted more for it but now I’m considering just not doing it so that status is… uncertain (the other one shot I was working on was a new piece altogether and doesn’t count here).

In addition, this, it comes at a time where I’ve been debating several other things, mu musings to do stuff for Flight Rising. I’m sort of worried about my ML OC project and while I may not launch their fanfic just yet I may do more art for them. And the bulk of this comes from a desire to do more art stuff.

Then on top of that there’s the nagging feeling in my mind saying I may be neglecting PMD Rescuing Reality and Possible Powers so that’s a thing too.

So really for what may be coming next at this point is random even for me. Expect anything is all I can say. I’ll be in touch as always.

Tagged by animatedrose 

Rules : Tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme [I am going to pass on this because I know people don't like to do these kind of things].

Name : Roger

Star Sign : Capricorn

Average hours of sleep : Anywhere between 4 to 10 depending on the day of the week and what I'm doing that day.

Last thing googled : Can't remember.

Favorite fictional character(s) : magic users.

Current attire : Gray shirt, black shorts.

When did you start this account:  6 years... Wow it has a been a while!

Number of watchers : 61 but of course ome of them may be gone by now.

What do you post : Writing, drawing.

Do you get a lot of comments : Some mostly replies to my replies though.

Why did you choose the username : my current one? I combined my favorite genre with the username I'd taken for myself who knows how long ago when I cruised the TCG scene as Crest.

A new journal will appear over the next few days so stay tuned!
OK so a journal post is needed today with the stuff for Stardust posted at long last. So let me start with some more of the trivialities first off.

IRL on Netflix recently I finished watching Ultimate Beastmaster and found it interesting enough. I read more of Rick Riordan's stuff and found it good. SU... I may need to catch up on I think I'm behind. Samurai Jack... I watched the pilot episode and a few others here and there but apparently the relaunch is a thing and I'm debating it.

Alright onto my projects for April. This next month I am keeping it a bit simply if I can manage. First off I want to do another Fragment Journeys piece it's been a while and I want to do one maybe two. Beyond that there's a one shot I've been meaning to do for a while with a picture to go with it. After that I have another one shot I thought up recently I want to take a crack at so we'll see how that goes if it works it will show if it doesn't I'll let you know. After that there's one more one shot that may and I stress may show up. However all my plans may slow down due to something else I may be distracted handling.

You see I applied recently to do a writing portion for a Zine. Zines are more or less magazines for fandoms made by fans. A good portion of the time they're done for charity, others they're done for various reasons. Recently I saw one starting up and decided to apply for a writers position as I thought it would be good experience. So if I do get in I'll have to focus on that so the Zine is a factor. If not well I'll probably do a post saying I didn't make the cut and life will go on.

Now in regards to my plan if all goes OK those that know and follow me me may ask what about my newest projects PMD Rescuing Reality and Flowing Magics #2 Possible Powers. Yes I know they need updates and I want to give them one each but... The timing just isn't right. I'm having issues with logistics I may have outline from point A to B but well the between is an issue as is the case now with logistics. So in May I will make it happen.

Now for my final topic. Tumblr is apparently a breeding ground for project ideas and I now have several more of them when I would wish otherwise. They are something to be considered for future use though but if one should appear it'll be my ML OC project for sure.

But of course anything can happen with me and this is all just a rough plan to go by. I will keep you posted on updates and here's to the new month. I'll be in touch!
So this journal update is just to give a fair warning about what's going to happen next. Starting with the new pieces for MiracuCaptors which will be up over the next few days.

After that though I've come to a decision for what's next and its pretty simple for the rest of the month once the MiracuCaptor stuff is up I''ll be focusing on Stardust and its next chapter and picture for the rest of the month. I've removed the PMD chapter from my current plans because I just don't feel like it's the right time for it and I did say I want to take my time and do it right so it's not much but I thought it worthwhile to inform you all on though as is the case with me anything can change the Plot Bunnies in particular have been active so for all I know a Fragment Journeys piece may appear but as is the case with me things are random for the moment there's the MiracuCaptors update and then Stardust after and then once its done I 'll go from there.

As always I'll be in touch as stuff happens. 
I felt like an update was in order. Recently I launched Possible Powers the second story in my Flowing Magics crossover series. I also uploaded the new PMD drawing. In addition to this today I uploaded the edited chapters for Stardust and PMD RR due to the simple fact that I'm not exactly sure when the next chapters for them will be done so I thought it best to do it today and be done with it. Now that those are done I'll tell you what's next.

Stardust Chapter 11 (I also have a drawing in mind to go with it!)

MiracuCaptors Chapter 04 (I have a drawing ready to go with this too!)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescuing Reality Chapter 02

After that I will take stock of where I am and what's going on and go from there. Now for other stuff.

Breath of the Wild continues to be the bane of my existence lately in that I can't play it!

I finally caved and got checked out those books from the library I talked about a while ago.

My own job hunt hasn't yielded much luck I'm beginning to wonder if I should just start entering art shows and whatnot and see if I can win prize money or something while getting experience along the way.

The plot bunnies have been busy and I have so many ideas for stuff I wanna do it's a bit unreal but I can't currently cause I already have so much in place but maybe once my current stuff is done I'll talk about it.

Not much else to say really. I'll be in touch.
Alright so the journal thing has passed and I fixed the issue of where the missing ones went so as a result the only real casualty was the ones that were accidentally deleted do onward and upwards.

My projects I have some good news actually. I finished the first chapter of Flowing Magics #2 but I am not posting it just yet. First I need a cover for it which I will do eventually and secondly I want to give it a few days before looking at the chapter again and correcting it so that I won't have to edit it later!

Which brings me to my next topic edits. I have finished the revisions for the chapters I said I was gonna do so when the time comes to update those stories with new chapters I'll be putting the revisions in place.

Now let's go to the point of the journal currently what is next. It's March so there is Miraculer March unless that was just a one time thing so now would be the perfect time to do that one-shot and its picture to consider but beyond that here is what I have so far:

Stardust Chapter 11

MiracuCaptors Chapter 04 (I have a drawing ready to go with this too!)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescuing Reality Chapter 02 (I also have a drawing to post before the chapter!)

And then of course there's also the launch of Flowing Magics #2 so I have a full plate but hopefully March will allow me to sort all this out as it feels like I'm backed up on all my stuff.

On a minor note remember that fanart in fanfics on AO3 I brought up a while ago. I think that maybe it's just a Voltron thing and maybe ML depending on the situation but still it is something for me to consider.

That's all I have to bring up currently I just wanted to give you all an update. Know that stuff is on the way and I'll be in touch!
Alright so yesterday once more I put out a journal when not in as clear a state of mind as I might have been normally but with other factors attached to it.

First off I guess I should explain what trouble I had yesterday regarding DA. Put simply it was a journal issue. All my journals suddenly appeared in my gallery and when I went to remove them thinking it just a glitch like any other I find that deleting them removed them entirely from my journal section which sucks and is why my Tumblr now has stuff my DA doesn't and what's more the journal I posted when this issue was taking place is also gone and if it weren't for the fact my Tumblr blog has a copy I wouldn't even know it went up. So between these two things and the fact that I had more stuff to cover in the other journal that I only recalled after posting the other one so here we go again.

First things first I have become more active on Twitter and am trying to do a tweet a day and I may even do exclusives there my Tumblr or DA may not have like previews which I have already done recently.

My projects well I haven't gotten much done lately other then sentences at a time. Partially because I'm not feeling it and partially because I've sort of been binging on FF 14 which I have returned to so that's a thing. I'm wondering if I'm burnt out too so that might be a thing as well which is why I'm thinking of just taking the rest of the month off but anything can happen with me as yesterday I did develop a new Fragment Journeys piece but... I'm not sure I'll post it due to its nature. And as for everything else anything can happen so stuff will show up sooner or later.

On another note here on DA I've begun to do some work the groups I admin so that's something productive.

Steven Universe has been something and so has Riverdale.

My job hunt is not exactly going well but I'm managing.

The Miraculous Ladybug artbook comes out later this year and I am eager for it.

Breath of the Wild will take forever for me to get which sucks but it is what it is.

That's all I have for now so I'll be in touch. 
I suppose I should start by the fact that chapters may not be coming as quick as I'd hoped as I've only been able to manage sentences at a time more or less which sucks. Sort of. I managed to conjure up something for a Fragment Journeys piece (there's a drawing too but its in the works you can check Twitter for a teaser which I'll be getting to in a moment) but truth be told I'm not sure I will even put it up as its rather... heavy for me.

On another note I am on Twitter more often now and am trying to show signs of life there once a day at least.

On another note today DA has been the one to annoy me when my journals suddenly spawned in my gallery and removing them removed them from my journal section too. Which I did not discover until I got rid of three of them which is why my Tumblr now has stuff my DA page lacks. Which is annoying but oh well DA will resolve this soon. I hope.

So my projects may be on hold as I'm thinking of just taking a break for the moment but anything can happen really.

Not much to say really. I'll be around.

Alright so today I finally launched my PMD fanfic so that’s done. Now to consider what is next. I have PMD drawings I might do. Chapter 2 will be a bit was I want to take my time with this project and I know no matter what this story will be a long time going so again I want to tame my time and do it right but drawings are something I can do in the meantime I have three different possibilities there already. 

In the meantime there’s the next chapter of Stardust. 

know I wanna do a new Fragment Journeys piece so that’ll be along.

MiracuCaptors… The chapter will be along eventually but I am currently scheming so who knows how that’s gonna go.

Flowing Magics #2… I am still debating whether or not to launch it. My Miraculous Wielder OC story also resides in that particular space but with the added weight of research behind it.

It is also February and I find myself eyeing those one shots I keep telling myself to do and this might be my last chance to do them before canon becomes too strong to fight AU’s or not but then you never know. 

So anyways that’s my project stuff now for other matters.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. I got it and it’s good.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild looks so amazing and I need to get a Switch or a Wii U soon.

I saw Kimi No Na Wa recently and it’s good though I feel like part of the plot emerged from beyond the blue.

I watched Voltron season 2 and it was pretty good too!

Also on TV I watched Riverdale based on the Archie comics and wow it’s dark. Though the way Jughead was narrating reminded me of the Archie’s Weird Mysteries cartoon.

I’ve taking a vague interest in this other show called Trollhunters on NetFlix I’ve heard others like so that’s something.

Beyond that nothing else to really talk about. I’ll be in touch as life happens. Just expect stuff. 

I got tagged by :iconanimatedrose: So here we go.


You have to post these rules.
Each person has to share 13 things about them.
Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
Choose 13 people.
You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
You can't say you don't do tags.
Tag-backs are ALLOWED.

1. Favorite anime?

CardCaptor Sakura or as it was known to me as a kid Cardcaptors.

2. Favorite video game and why?

I suppose that would be Yoshi's Story as it the first game I ever really played with my family.

3. What brought you to deviantART in the first place?

In all honesty I think it was the person who tagged me that did. Either her or :iconnintendo-nut1: I followed fanfics of theirs and the trail led me to DA when I started to become an artist I signed up here too.

4. Pirates or ninjas?

Pirates. Less politics and moralities involved (as weird as that may sound).

5. If you could be anything, what would you be? Take this as you will.

Give me magic powers and look out.

6. What is one superpower you would love to have?

Non-magic stuff huh. Super speed.

7. Favorite food?

Mozzarella sticks.

8. How do you wake up in the morning?

It varies on how I'm feeling at the time.

9. Drive, bike, or walk?


10. Do you prefer being hot or being cold?

I like being comfortably warm.

11. What is your first childhood memory?

Learning the ABC's with this one toy of mine as a kid.

12. Look away from your screen. What is the first object you see?

Library books I checked out yesterday.

13. What was my name again? (don't cheat and look)

You are :iconanimatedrose:.

My 13 questions huh.

1. What are you top 3 favorite colors?
2. Favorite regular animal?
3. Favorite mythological animal?
4. Digimon or Pokemon?
5. Favorite ice cream flavor?
6. Name of a good fanfic you've read.
7. Name of a good webcomic (if you read them) that you like?
8. Do you use Twitter?
9. Do you use Tumblr?
10. Most aggravating aspect of being an artist in your field?
11. Do you prefer to work traditional or digital?
12. Favorite Disney song ever?
13. Your most favorite fandom currently?

Tag 13 People:


That's that, I probably won't repost to Tumblr and do or don't do this as you will.
I thought a journal was a must for today. So school... It didn't happen due to a multitude of factors so no Spring 2017 for me. It sucks but it is what it is and I did try. So I move onwards with my projects and such.

OK so I've shown you my Miraculous Wielder OC'S. Those two are the main characters of the mystery project I've been teasing at. When it will launch? No clue ideally after Stardust is done but I may break down and do it sooner.

Beyond that my next few pieces will be my PMD launch as I have been telling you all and plotting for a while now though I may do a Fragment Journeys piece if only just to do one. Once all that's done I'll go from there.

I'm hoping to get a handle on everything though as life has been a bit off but manageable. Anyways I'll be in touch. 
Yup so today's my birthday. Other then a few differences it more or less feels like any other day.

So on to other details. The college I'm supposed to attend starts Spring 2017 next week but I think I may have missed the mark but anything can happen.

Projects... I think I will introduce you to the main character's from that project I've been teasing at sometime soon via pictures. If I don't just decide to launch it all together along with story #2 for Flowing Magics common sense be damned pardon my french. 

Other then that that not much else to report. PMD will be along. I'll be in touch.