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Chapter 04

Into the Air


“So… you’re here to break a curse?” Alya asked.

On screen Adrien watched as Ladybug nodded.

“That’s correct and let me assure everyone that it is NOT Paris that is cursed it is a cursed object that has arrived in Paris and it is acting on its own and anyone it may target should not be held at fault! The… enchantment targets people based on when they are under negative emotion and things just go from there.”

“And what about your fellow magic wielder, Chat Noir? Are you two a team?”

Ladybug looked thoughtful for a moment before saying somewhat dully “he and I work towards the same goal to break the curse but otherwise… We each do our own thing.”

Adrien sighed and looked over his shoulder at the couch where Plagg was currently sitting surrounded by containers of camembert pigging out.

Adrien looked back at the Alya’s blog with the video of the interview on it and just sighed.

This whole situation was just depressing in general and Adrien just wondered if he had done the right thing in approaching this whole adventure the way he had.

Adrien looked at some of his photos with a scowl as he reflected on this thinking but then why should I have to be like that in this? I do take this seriously enough and magic… Adrien sighed magic has offered me freedom I haven’t felt in a long time. Adrien thought to himself as he looked at a photo of his mom.

“Man Ladybug sure is a stick in the mud huh kid.” Adrien gave a start and then tossed a look over his shoulder at Plagg who was now hovering his shoulder quite literally.

“Look at me I’m so serious, I’m so responsible” the Kwami said in a mocking tone “kid you have your work cut out with her. Girls are too much trouble; cheese is SO much better!”

Adrien gave Plagg an annoyed look.

Then from the intercom came his father’s assistant Nathalie’s voice.

“Adrien? Your friends are here.”

Adrien let out a curse, grabbed his bag, shoved Plagg into said bag and was out the door.

A short while later Adrien found himself smelling chlorine and listening to laughter and screams of all kinds as people of all shapes and sizes enjoyed themselves at the indoor pool facility Adrien was at now.

The place was big, enormous with multiple pools heated and non-heated, jacuzzis, water slides, locker rooms and even miniature food court the place was an aquatic wonder-land and everyone was having a good time and this had all been Nino’s idea.

So once Adrien had managed to free a day for himself he had found himself here with Nino who had invited along Marinette and Alya. Though for some reason Marinette had turned red when she saw him and Adrien for the life of him couldn’t imagine why he didn’t think there was anything wrong with the plain black swim trunks he was wearing.

He also failed to notice the amused looks Alya and Nino were trading.

But still weird awkwardness aside the day when on great and remarkably enough it appears their entire class had the same idea as their classmates rotated in and out so naturally it was only a matter of time before Chloe showed up with Sabrina in tow.

Chloe insulted Marinette’s swimsuit (which Adrien couldn’t see why I mean it was cute? Not that he said so.) which led to Marinette insulting Chloe’s athletic ability which proceeded to lead to a short race in the pool.

One which Adrien hadn’t been able to stop or give a warning that might have preempted some heartbreak or frustration. Cause if he had they would have known Chloe had grown up in their family’s hotel swimming pool and was a pretty good athlete in the water.

Needless to say Marinette had lost and Adrien sighed while next to him Alya and Nino stared.

He watched as Chloe taunted a red faced Marinette who sank into the water. After a moment and Marinette just stayed there Chloe got out of the pool and said rather imperiously “come Sabrina let’s get some food. Coming Adrien honey?”

After a moment Adrien nodded “yeah food sounds good” they could all use some food and this might help smooth over the situation “you two go on ahead and we’ll catch up.”

Not noticing the way Chloe had scowled he looked at Nino and said “go on and take a look at what they have we’ll be along.”

Nino nodded and the three of them walked off.

Walking over to the ladder used to get people out of the pool Adrien crouched down unaware of Alya who had covertly pulled out her cell phone and was filming.

After a moment Adrien smiled as the blur of color under the water that was Marinette moved towards the ladder. Surfacing Marinette kept her head and slowly worked her way up and out of the pool keeping her head down and just as she had one foot out she looked up and met Adrien’s gaze who smiled reassuringly at her.

Marinette turned red and her arms flailed as she reared backwards and fell into the pool. Adrien blinked in perplexity and then became aware of another much closer sound.

Looking around he caught sight of it. It was Alya laughing.

Alarmed Adrien stood from his crouch and said “A-Alya what are you doing?!”

Smugly Alya said “filming blackmail material.”

Adrien blinked at her and said “what?” But that was drowned out by a louder squawk “ALYA!” Which had been followed by a loud splash from Marinette.

Adrien looked towards her but she was gone then he looked at Alya and watched her cackle as she ran away chased by a very wet Marinette.

As lifeguards yelled at them to stop running Adrien could only stare, very much baffled as he thought.

What… just happened?

Marinette never did get that footage from Alya and while there were some barbs tossed back and forth between Chloe and the others they all settled down to ear and everything was going fine when Chloe softly said “Adrien?”

Adrien looked at felt his spirit sink. The Gorilla stood guard over Nathalie who stood right next to his father who picked his way through the establishment with an expression of distaste on his face.

Eventually he spotted Adrien and went right for him. Swallowing Adrien stood up and Mr. Agreste said to him as he came in range “Adrien there is a complication in recent plans I need you to come with me right away.”

Adrien gave a look at Nathalie who only frowned in sympathy before sighing “very well.”

Nino protested here saying “whoa bro I thought today was a free day for you!?”

Mr. Agreste coolly said “it was until the plans changed and Adrien still has responsibilities he has to hold up as was agreed when he enrolled at that” his nostrils flared “public school.”

Adrien placed a hand on Nino’s arm as he said softly “it’s fine Nino that was the deal.” Adrien couldn’t help but wince internally at house his father gave Nino an evaluating look, complete with a dismissal.

After a moment Nino nodded stiffly and Adrien left and no sooner was that group out of range then Nino muttered something under his breath before leaving too leaving the four girls switching between looking after Adrien or Nino.

Marinette in particular looked worried.


It didn’t take long for those fears to come to fruition as Nino now dressed and mostly dried off stomped down the street angry with Mr. Agreste and judging by his encounters after leaving the pool angry with adults in general.

Eventually his emotional high subsided and he sat down on a local bench where curiously enough no one but him was around. Looking at his bag he spotted something hanging out of one of the side pockets it was small and cheap.

He had bought it on a whim because of how colorful it was and he opened it up stirring the liquid inside before he brought the wand to his lips and blew letting bubbles into the air.

Now thoroughly depressed Nino said “man adults are such a drag.”

It was then that a shadow struck.

Approximately a few moments later Adrien was walking down the hallway of his home now ready for whatever new development had change his life on a daily basis.

Walking into the main room Adrien called out “Nathalie? I’m ready.”

There was only silence. Adrien frowned and went for the office.

No one was there. Adrien tried to call out again.


There was no answer.

Then there was a shadow against the window going up and Adrien now alarmed went for the front door, opening it, and looking up.

Staring Adrien thought to himself are those bubbles?... As he looked up at the green spheres moving upward and then gave a start as he realized there were people inside!

Then more small bubbles appeared all over the city and a figure appeared in its reflection with blue skin and dressed in a very colorful costume.

“Hello dudes and dudettes of Paris! I am Bubbler and I have removed that which makes Paris a very unhappy place. So no more adults and now we all can PARTY! So let’s have a good time.”

Adrien stared in horror at the sight as it clicked who Bubbler really was.

“Nino!” He whispered fearfully before running for the front gate with every intention of getting out of sight.

Once in an alleyway Adrien called out “Plagg.”

“Plagg? Plagg’s not here, Plagg is enjoying camembert.”

Adrien rolled his eyes and that sentence was answer enough.

Raising the hand bearing his ring Adrien chanted “oh ring giving the power of destruction, black cat who holds our contract, by our connection I ask for the garb and tools of our magic, release!”

Adrien’s magic circle spun out beneath him sending wind whirling through the air, ignoring Plagg’s indignant cry as he was sucked into the ring as green energy spiraled about transforming him as Adrien closed his eyes.

His mind was focused as he reached and unsheathed his sword from midair and green cat eyes opened as Chat Noir, cape billowing behind him took to the roofs of Paris.

It didn’t take long for Chat to find Bubbler and Ladybug had already beaten him there and wasn’t making very much headway in the task at hand.

She was trying to use her wand as a baseball bat to hit the barrage of bubbles Nino or Bubbler now was sending at her and when the situation came down to it Ladybug was taking one step forward, two steps back and since this battle was taking place on top of Notre Dame that was bad.

So Chat Noir then proceeded to interrupt the battle mid-point disregarding the fact or maybe not just noticing that he could have snuck up behind Bubbler and ending it there in favor of saving his lady.

Not that she appreciated it then considering how she growled.

“I don’t need your help!”

“I beg to differ bugaboo.”

And that was all that could be said before the barrage began and for what it was worth though Ladybug seemed to be avoiding it they did work well together as they got closer and closer that is up until the point when one of Ladybug’s heels got stuck in the floor she flailed and accidentally grabbed Chat’s cape sending him tumbling down on top of her and it got worse as the Bubbler lobbed a giant bubble at them which scooped them up and away into the sky they went.

After untangling themselves Ladybug tried to use the bottom of her wand to pop it.

It didn’t work.

Chat tried to use his sword and found the bubble was really stretchy.

“It’s a bubble!?” Chat cried in exasperation seeing it resist his sword.

At this point they were several hundred feet in the air and only getting further along and the adults were probably higher up and going and that was leaving aside the issue of oxygen. So Ladybug growled “it’s a magic bubble Chat so use magic with your sword and pop this thing, you’re Destruction!”

Chat looked past the sickly green color to the city far below and said “my lady we are very high in the air and we may be capable of jumps but flight? Not so much.”

Ladybug snorted at this “you let me handle that.”

Chat looked at Ladybug in confusion but sighed and looked at his sword during the battle with Stormy Weather, Chat Noir had learned about how his magic can be used to destroy and Plagg had informed him that he can use instinctively like he’s been doing but with an evocation and true focus he might be able to do some creative things with it.

Taking a deep breath Chat intoned “Cataclysm.” Black energy encased the blade of his sword and with a swing the bubble popped with a bang.

As the two hurtled through empty air Chat heard Ladybug shout “here we go!” Before something flew past him and then Ladybug’s left arm was around him pulling him close and Chat was able to look at what was also in the air with them.

It was one of Ladybug’s cards and it fluttered and spun through the air below them and Chat felt Ladybug take a deep breath and as he looked at her she began to chant.

“Oh card formed by the remnant of the butterfly, through the ladybugs guidance, through creations magic I ask that you lend the symbol of your power unto me, release FLIGHT!”

The card flew up towards them in the wind just in time as Ladybug brought the head of the wand against the card causing her magic circle to light up beneath them in midair.

Chat then watched in awe as her scarf turned to energy and reformed around her centering on her back and creating three pairs of wings that were connected to her back but not truly anchored.

They were pretty things, if basic in shape and made from energy, the first set near her shoulders was red with black spots. The one blow it was smaller in size and length and was a shining white and the third set below it was even smaller in size and length was an opaque color. And Chat watched in amazement as the wings tilted and Ladybug flew them down.

With a laugh Chat said “bugaboo you’re amazing!”

Ladybug didn’t reply as she focused her attention on flying downwards.

Soon enough Notre Dame came into sight and once she was certain they were in good range she let go on Chat Notre who leaped to one of the towers and Ladybug flew about and saw with slight relief that the Bubble was still at Notre Dame between the two towers as he’d been earlier.

With the adults and the two troublemaking magicians out of the way he’d take to blow them for fun of course that ended once he caught sight of Ladybug and the look on his face seeing her in the air was almost comical for a split second before he was firing bubbles at her again.

Only this time she had the advantage being able to move freely in midair.

Bubbler was getting mad at the ease she had and the difficulty he had and his blue skin darkened slightly as he was no doubt glowing red at this point.

So it was no surprised that as he stood there at the railing waving bubbles at her he failed to notice Chat Noir who had decided to actually use stealth this time around.

And as Bubbler reared his wand back to make another barrage Chat neatly cut off the end of the wand.

The Bubbler’s eyes went wide and blank and like a puppet with its strings cut the Bubbler dropped to his knees and Chat watched the evil littler butterfly emerge.

Ladybug made to flew forward but sighed after a moment knowing she wouldn’t make it time and the card was Chat’s this time and sure enough.

“Corrupted one, you bound by darkness by destructions power, I bind. A concept I name of the form you give, in this I have mastered you, now take the guise I command, BUBBLE!”

There was that green flash of light and then Chat Noir was holding his new card as Nino went back to normal. Hearing noise below Ladybug looked down and smiled to see the adults back. How she wasn’t entirely sure but Marinette was just gonna assume magic and leave it at that.

Looking back at the situation she watched as Chat offered his hand to help up a now bashful Nino. “You okay?” The cat magician asked.

The other boy nodded and Ladybug watched as Chat hesitated before asking “you mind telling me what caused this?”

Nino turned red slightly as he said “I got upset because of… some crud my friend has to go through that’s all.”

Ladybug stiffened knowing that he was talking about Adrien and Chat for his part stiffened up too before he relaxed and a warm smile came to his face.

“You got enchanted because you were upset for a friend?... Your friend is lucky to have you.”

Ladybug felt an uncomfortable sensation wash over her so she turned around and flew off.

The movement caught the boys’ attention and watched as she went her own way. After a moment Nino asked “are you oaky?”

 Chat nodded and gave a sigh “I’ve… got stuff to take care of.”

And indeed he did as first he went and got Nino out of there safely, then he had to deal with the drama at home. To this day Adrien still did not understand why people needed models to sell cologne. Luckily for him though the magical events of the day pushed it off for another day.

Then once the craziness died down and night had fallen over Paris Chat had taken to the rooftops once more.

Chat had a lot more things to keep in mind knowing what he could do with the cards and Cataclysm however as Destruction he needed to show Paris they could trust him just as much as they could Ladybug in dealing with magic.

So it was for that purpose that he knocked on a certain window and as Alya eagerly opened it and looked up she Chat sitting on the roof, legs dangling, cape blowing in the breeze, smiling a Cheshire grin against the backdrop of the crescent moon as he said “hey there! Got time for an interview?”


Alright so here we have the new chapter of MiracuCaptors. It took a fair while for this chapter to come out but I've been focused on a lot of stuff lately so sorry about that but it's here at last. This chapter was obviously a variant on the Bubbler episode but I also tried to mix two other elements into this from CardCaptor episode one being from when Sakura used FLY when she first captured JUMP and the other was from the episode Sakura turned WATERY into a Star Card. I've been told I've done a good job with this but I have my doubts. Anyways in regards to FLIGHT Ladybug's wings are like the ones Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles has. I would've make them magical ladybug wings but it just didn't feel right so I went with this. Anyways I hope you like the chapter I worked hard on it. There's a picture that goes with this that'll be up on DeviantArt and my Tumblr pretty shortly after this. As always you can also check those sites for updates on what I'm up to. I do not own Miraculous Ladybug or CardCaptor Sakura in any way, shape, or form. Reviews welcome.
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